The Swivel Sweeper

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I was trying to figure out a good “As Seen on TV” Product to review, so I did a search. One of the first thing I came up with was the Swivel Sweeper, so I went with it. First, here’s some of the specs and manufacturers blurb about it:

4 Way Action Brushes And Swivel Head Reach In To Even The Hardest To Reach Places

Swivel Sweeper lets you clean carpets and floors faster and easier than ordinary cordless sweepers. Swivel Sweeper dual cleaning power comes from its use of Quad Brush Technology, four rotating brushes that quickly picks up dirt on all sides, and its 360 degree swivel head that allows you to maneuver around furniture and other objects easily. Sweep around and behind furniture. Gets into hard-to-clean corners on carpet, wood, tile floors. The swivel Sweeper is great for picking up crumbs, dirt, pet hair, dust, and more. Use swivel Sweeper in the kitchen, family room, dining room, and bathroom, on tile, carpet, hardwood, and more!
Swivel Sweeper Swivel Sweeper Features:

* Swivels 360 Degrees for easy movement around furnitureswivel sweeper 2
* Quad Brush Technology sweeps up dirt and messes from all 4 sides
* Removable dust trays
* Extendable handle – extend to 4′
* Lightweight – only 2 lbs.
* Cordless
* Rechargeable battery
* Runs up to 45 minutes on a single charge


* Cordless Swivel Sweeper
* Built-In 7.2 Volt Rechargeable Battery
* Battery Charge

I then went to and found this product for sale there. I went to the consumer reviews and found that this product was rated an average of 2.5 out of 5. In my opinion, this is less than satisfactory.

Reading the reviews, the people generally were quite pleased with the swivel sweper until the battery started getting use. The battery does not seem to last more than a couple of months, then you’re left with a piece of plastic crap.

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