Visa Gift Cards from AAA

This year, we are having family come home for Christmas from abroad. The question has been what to get my neices. They are teenagers and we don’t want to get them gifts that will be an issue to get back home. We also don’t want to get them a gift card that they will not be able to use when they get image

We thought we found the answer with gift cards from AAA. They basically sell gift cards that act as Visa cards and can be used anywhere. This sounded like the perfect solution to our problem. The unfortunate thing is, when I went to the local branch office to get them, they informed me that the system was not working correctly, and there were no branches that were selling them. The only place I could get them would be online and cost $4.95 each. They also require about ten days shipping time. This was not acceptable for us, so we will have to come up wth something else.

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