Want a Free Mr. Smiley T-Shirt?

mr smiley tshirt image
My wife sent me this link, and I will get a free Mr. SMiley T-shirt. Is it really free? I took a look at the TOS and it appears to be free, but there is one small catch.

This is from the TOS page:

As Member, you will be provided with the following Services through the MisterSmiley site:

* Ability to enter email addresses of friends that you are referring to the MisterSmiley site, which will trigger an automatic email to be sent to those addresses from you inviting them to sign up on MisterSmiley, and also additional emails reminding them to sign up if they haven’t done so yet.
* Ability to earn one (1) free tshirt for referring 5 people that sign up on the MisterSmiley site with a verified email address, valid US mailing address, and valid US phone number. Limit of 1 free tshirt per household. While supplies last.
* Ability to receive information about products and services that may be of interest to you. This information will be delivered via email.
* Ability to receive by postal mail any free tshirts earned. Please allow 4 weeks for delivery.
* Automatic notice from MisterSmiley, via the website, whenever you earn a free tshirt through one of the methods described above.
* Ability to update or change personally identifiable information from the MisterSmiley database by modifying it when you are logged in to the MisterSmiley site.
* Ability to unsubscribe from MisterSmiley emails by visiting http://www.MisterSmiley.com/unsub.php

This tells me you better brace yourself for some SPAM. So, if you don’t mind getting spam, go ahead and get the free shirt.

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