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Today I will do a review of a Sales Forum called I have done two part reviews recently, where I review the layout and design first, then I discuss the content of the site. I have decided that I will review this site differently, and review the site as a whole.

Upon first entering the website, I was impressed with how well put together it was. My eyes were immediately drawn to the header, where there is some flash animation taking place.

The main page is set up in a easy to read format that is not cluttered with ads or other irrelevent content.

There seems to be four main pages to navigate to from the main page.

The Forum – This is the main focus of the site. The forums are broken up into four categories, including General, Sales, Marketing, Small Business and Other Sales Stuff. All of these are packed full of good information. Anyne can view the posts, but you are requred to register before posting.

Sales Tips – The webmaster takes some of the better articles that are posted by members in the forums and posts them in the sales tips area.

Sales Articles – In this section, you have the option do view arious articles relating to Sales articles, Marketing Articles and Business Articles. You can also submit your own article.

UK Business News – Here you will find the latest business news from BBC and ITN.

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