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Today, I’ll be taking a look at The Broadband Banter.

BroadbandBanter is a vBulletin based discussion board that’s forums are built around the Broadband “Tech” crowd.

I took a browse through some of the forums, and didn’t understand half of what I was reading.(It’s pretty technical)

Some of the newsgroup topics are:
General DSL & broadband
Cable Modems
Satellite Internet Access
UK broadband
VOIP – Voice Over IP

There seems to be a wealthof information in these forums. There are currently 283 members that have posted over 107,000 different posts!

Registering on this site is free and easy. Guests are able to view the posts, but you must be a registered user in order to participate.

This forum also serves as a hub to other Banter Sites.

I admit, this site’s content is a bit over my head. This would be a valuable resource for the person who is very involved in this field.

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