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The next website I’ll review is called Cheetah Find.

Cheetahfind seems to be a website that serves the general public, but is also built for those who build websites. It serves as a one stop shop for a lot of things webmasters need.

I will review this site from a webmasters point of view.

The first area I’ll look at is the directories. There are categories for just about any topic you might imagine. The pages are clean and aren’t cluttered with ads. This is the advantage of charging $14.95 for a submission. Reciprocal links are free.

Moving on the the templates area of this site, they offer a wide variety of web templates that are free to download. They do require a valid email address prior to downloading.

If you are in need of images or clip art for your site, Cheetahfind offers a large variety of pictures free for download.

Free hit counters are available as well. Simply enter what theme you would like, the number you would like to start off with, and a couple of other small details and a code is generated for you to plug into your website.

I would recommend this site to anyone who is new at web design and might not have a lot of resources already in place.

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