Website Review –

Today I’m taking a look at, which is an online classified ad publisher. This is an interesting site, because you can browse local classified ads from anywhere in the country.

I checked out the classified for Butler County, Ohio (where I live) and I found 50 pages of classified ads.

It had them all in there, everything from pets to services to automobiles for sale.

I also learned that you can post an ad for free. I went ahead and posted an ad and if I get any response, I will be sure to update this post.

Aside from the classified ads to view, there is an online discussion board as well. These forums appear have a very broad range of topics. Subjects range from music to pets, and a whole lot more.

This is a site I will pobably visit again. If not to post my own ad, but to read others.

If there is one thing that might make this site a little bit better, it would be to have the internet ads fed through RSS so that they can be viewed in my news aggregator.

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