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Todays review is of the website called

This website deals with information on everything you would want or need about diesel peformance.

The home page allows you to launch into specific parts of diesel equipment, including diesel exhaust, chips, tuner and brakes, to name a few.

There is a shop page, where I can assume you can purchase diesel products, but at the time of this review the page was unavailable. You have the ability to enter your vehicle information and search for different parts. This may be something worth revisiting at a later time.
exhaust image
By navigating to the Performance Info page, you are able to read various diesel related articles for free.

Finally, there is a discussion board in this site that allows other users to communicate with each other. There are several categories, and aside from the general chat category, there are categories devoted to certain vehicle manufacturers and have topics ranging from feul systems, towing, to diesel maintenance and repair.

If you own diesel equipment, like tinkering as a hoby, this site is worth checking out.

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