Website Review – is a good website to visit if you’re bored, or just want a good laugh.

It took me a few minutes to figure out how to navigate this site. It seems to be split up into several seperate sections.
Funny Pictures
TV and Movie Reviews
News of the Wierd
Famous Quotes
Celebrity Pictures
Funny Ads
Funny Videos
Funny Sounds Clips

I could probably dissect this site all day, but I won’t. Each of the sections is further broken down into seperate categories, so you can narrow in on wat you want.

There is a wide array of different jokes, pictures and videos on here, and they seem to be all free.

By far, my favorite part if this website is the body art images. I often get these in emails, but am glad there is a site I can go to look at them.

I think another good feature of this site is that you can rate the jokes, and you can also submit some of your own.
leo body paint image

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