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The next website review I am doing is a NASCAR themed discussion forums site called

The home page of this site offers users an opportunity to register, view ongoing polls, and get a snapshot of the latest posts in the forums. I’ve found it very helpful to look up more info on auto parts.

I went on the the main board, where I found the forum broken up into several different categories.

Aside from the general announcements, the first category alows you to discuss Nextel Cup news and schedules.

The General Nascar and stuff category offers topics related to general chat and nascar rules.

There are also forums that focus on different races, drivers and finally an area to post items for sale, and things you need.

The design of this site is different and interesting. I like the header, the images and general layout. The website seems to be in it’s youth and I think it has a lot of potential. I will revisit this site and possibly take part in the forums.

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