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paramore rock band
Paramoreonline is a website that reveals the rock band Paramore. This morning I’m going to explore their website.

The home page also serves as the “about” page. It talks a bit about their new album All We Know Is Falling, then goes on about the band. I learned from reading the page that this garage band is quite young. The lead singer of Paramore, Hayley Williams, is but 16 years old.

I found myself on the tour page. They are gearing up for an American tour later this month.

The news page is bare right now, but looks like this page is reserved for band news.

Coming soon to Paramoreonline is a discussion forums, where fans of the band can discuss their favorite songs, members and whatever else.

The site seems to be in the final stages of development, and will also include an interviews and multimedia page.

As I was finishing up this review, I clicked the Myspace Paramore link, and was able to listen to some of their music.

While I consider myself to be partial to country music, I am also rather open minded when it comes to other kinds of music. I thought that the song I listened to was pretty good.

As far as the website, it would appear to me that when 100% finished, this could be a good hang-out for fans and curious listeners.

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