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The next website review I’m going to do is located at and I think I need to split this review up into two seperate parts. The first part being layout, and the second being content.

The site itself is focused on self help and is descibed as Self Help and Personal Development Resource.

My first impression of this website was “Nice blog, when are you going to develop it?”. The site is set up in WordPress blog format, and uses the default theme. I find it a bit generic.

There are a lot of categories, which I like.

I also couldn’t help but notice there is a TON of wasted space in the sidebar.

Checking the archives, they only go back two months so I am forced to assume that this site is still under development. I’ll give the layout issues a pass and maybe check back in a few months.

Moving on past the layout, the content of this site is much better. Like I mentioned in the layout section, there are a lot of different categories related to self help. (I counted 22 categories) Many of the categories contain several articles, but the Parenting category contains 54 interesting articles!

Another good feature of this site is that is offers it’s articles for syndication, so you can pull new articles directly into your news feeder.

If you can bear the plain look of this site, you can really find some good articles here. I think given a little bit of time this really could turn into something good.

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