What is TVP?

tvp pictureTVP(Textured Vegetable Protein) is a common food filler that you probably eat every day and don’t even realize it. Basically, it’s soy that is processed and dehydrated and has a spongy texture to it. Many food manufacturers use this because it is cheaper than meat, is healthy, and takes the flavor of whatever it is cooked with. I am going to do my own experiment with some. I went to my local Kroger store, and picked some up. I found in in the health foods aisle. The brand name is Bob’s Red Mill and cost $1.99 for a 10 ounce bag of it. I’m not sure what I’m going to put it in yet. Chili would be ideal, because I have some brewing in the kitchen right now and my wife is not much for my experiments. I will continue to update on my findings.

Storing TVP
TVP has a dry shelf life of a VERY LONG TIME! However, once you rehydrate it, you should keep it like it was fresh meat.

How Healthy Is it?
OK, let me break out my handy little nutrition label table:
Based on one serving(1/4 cup dry)

Content TVP
Total Carbs
Dietary Fibers
Total Fat
Saturated Fat
Trans Fat

If you are curious to see what kind of foods you eat already have this in it, just look at the ingredients. I did this, the first can I pulled out of the cupboard was Chef Boyardee ravioli. It had it in there. I’d like to know what you find that has it!

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