Yield the Fast Lane

highway picture
Why can’t people take a hint? I had an unexpected post I had to write before leaving for work, and left the house a little late. On my way down a two lane highway, I admit I was speeding a little bit and came up to a car in front of me in the fast lane. I eased up behind her, expecting her to move on over to the slow lane. There was a pickup truck in the slow lane, going the same speed as the turtle in front of me, but slightly behind her. I guess the turtle was afraid to speed up a little bit to get over. I had had enough. I moved as close to her bumper as safely possible, but she was oblivious. For crying out load, it was five o’clock in the morning, what is the problem? I was beginning to feel a little road rage. Finally, the guy in the pickup truck slowed down so I could get around. There should be a law that would allow people like me running late to physically move these people that creep along the fast lane out of the way.

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