A Trip to the Cat Island

When I booked my flight to the islands of Hawaii, I had no idea what was in store for me in the small hidden world of Kauai. I of course, purchased travel insurance from Gateway Plans because I was planning a trip without any accidents along the way. When I arrived to the mainland, it was easy to see the crystal clear light blue waters surrounding the island. I got on another plane to the island of Kauai and this is the place where strange meet reality. The island used to be mainly plantations, so the only animal that was wild was the cat. The cats have no natural predators, except cars in Kauai, and they live wild and free all throughout the forests and by the shore.

One of my first walks around the hotel area, I noticed a bunch of cats under a bush waiting for the birds to come closer so they could lunch. The cats, not only have lived here for a long time, they have developed successful hunting strategies with the sea life and birds. On a trip in my rental vehicle, I went to one of the water falls close to the hotel and along the way cats jumped out or hid around the forest road. I know pet overpopulation is an epidemic on the mainland, but how do you combat wild cats successfully living and breeding on a small island? I don’t remember seeing that Kauai’s largest predator was the cat on the island travel brochure.

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