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30 MarWill Cars Become Luxury Again?

For decades now, it seems every family has at least one vehicle, if not multiple. Gas has been affordable. The competitive auto industry has kept the general population desperate for the latest high tech features. The banks were overly generous with lending to ensure everyone was behind the wheel of their very own car. Times had been good, until recently.

Many people must now make difficult choices. Does a person put gas in the car to get to work to make money, or buy new shoes for junior so he does not get made fun of at school? Sorry junior, times are tough. It is becoming more of a reality that cars are becoming a luxury item again. Believe it or not, a time existed when owning a vehicle was a true sign of prosperity. Perhaps this is how the obsession with cars began. Look at older homes compared to more recently built models. Many older homes were lucky to have a car port, let alone a garage where you can throw some performance parts in there. Today’s homes now often have a three car garage. Times are changing again. Read more…

21 AugBradsblog Makeover

I have had this blog for some time now, and as I sit here at work I realize that I need to pay more attention to how the site is dispolayed in Internet Explorer. I use Firefox at home, and there are a lot of issues.

I think I will put my blog through a makeover. To start, I need to do something about the sidebar. I really don’t care myuch for the check marks for links.

I also need to do something with the footer links. I can probably do away with some of them or move them into the sidebar somewhere.

I am open to other suggestions from the readers. After all, it is you who reads this, you might as well give input!

19 AugInconsiderate People

I went to a local Petsmart with two of my children, and my two dogs to pick up some supplies. While we were there, there was this older guy with a huge, furry, white dog. The dog squatted down and started urinating on the floor. The man noticed this, then started walking with his dog.

While walking, the dog continued to do his business and created a flood on the floor that dragged on for nearly twenty feet. This guy knew of what was happening, yet he acted oblivious and continued out of the store.

I know that there are people like this out there, and I don’t know why it bothers me.

Some people!

18 AugHybrid Car Owners Create Washington Political Lobby

Organization will push for the existing and new incentives for users of alternative fuel cars. Hybrid vehicle owners have it pretty good: tax credits, unlimited access to car pool lanes and free parking in some places. Now they’ll have their own lobbying group in Washington.

I say it’s about time!

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18 AugRoxie

Roxie the Dog

Earlier this week, we agreed to take in a dog that is a Shepard mix from someone who cannot keep her any longer. Her name is Roxie, and she is getting aong with our other dog, Potter just fine.

I think she is quite stressed out, because she is having accidents at night. We have had her for thre nights now, and have had this probelm each night.

I hope she comes out of this, because she is otherwise a very good dog!

06 AugDirectbuy Reviews on Digg

I submitted a post on about my Direct Buy review. DIGG IT!

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17 FebClose Gitmo?

The UN has called for the closing of a key part of the American War on Terror strategy. Guantanimo Bay.

Liberals across America are rejoicing screaming “I told you so” but the White House is rejecting this, and I coudn’t agree more.

What business is it of the UN to suggest such a thing? I don’t believe any of them have even been there!

10 FebNew Web Directory

blog listings logo
Well, I’ve been busy with another pet project of mine. Since I dismantled the Blog-Hints site a while ago, I decided that I should have a new site devoted entirely to blog listings. Listing your blog in directories such as these can greatly increase yur pagerank and ultimately increase traffic to your blog.

This new directory I made is for blogs and blog related sites only. I encourage you to take a look, and since it is very new I am not charging for submissions. Once I have established this site and loaded it with listings, adding new links will no longer be free.

If you want to add your link, simply follow the site, it’s quite simple.

For best results, provide a good description!

I welcome all comments and appreciate feedback. If you like the site, please link to it!

The Name of the site is Blog Listings

08 FebMy Cry for Help

I have decided to write some government officials and news outlets expressing my concern over the expansion of the Axis of Evil. I hope you help me spread the word! Here is the text of the letter I have sent out.

Dear select government officials and news outlets,

I am writing to express my concerns over the recent global developments, which started with the election of anti-American demagogue Evo Morales in Bolivia. Since his election, it seems all the top leaders of the countries that despise America the most have been meeting (Bolivia, Cuba, China, Iran and Syria). My concerns have grown significantly now that Iran has entered the mix and are in pursuit of nuclear weapons.

I have been publishing developments as I see them to my blog, located at I have not seen much, if any news coverage about this story.

I hope I am overreacting.

Thank You,
Brad Schneider

I will continue to send this to more people/institutions as I compile a list of email address and contact forms.

So far, I have sent my message to the following:
Senator George Voinovich

If you have any others I am missing and you think should be added, please post them here.

08 FebThe Axis of Evil is Still Growing!!!!!

As I mentioned in the first post about the Axis of Evil:

It seems all of America’s favorites are meeting up to discuss “issues”. I would sure like to be a fly on the wall when they all sit down together, as does the Bush administration.

When they start getting together with Iran and Syria, I don’t think it will be ignored anymore.

Are they planning something? Or am I just reaching.

As reported on the Drudge Report, the Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has accepted an invitation to Cuba to visit with Fidel Castro. Read the full article here. Would Fideal be willing to part nukes in cuba? Will this lead to another Cuban missile crisis?

I’m not sure there’s anything else I can do as an individual, other than to keep watching it and hope the word spreads. I have a really bad feeling about this.

I have also decided to add an Axis of Evil category to this blog. You can find the category links in the sidebar. I have also started a new thread for open discussion in the forums about it.