Basement Project

Originally posted on 1/7/08
My basement project is in full swing again. I’ve decided to eliminate the “play room”, as the kids have proven they can’t keep it clean enough to even play in. I’ve bagged up a great majority of the toys they no longer play with and will likely be donated.

I have finished hanging the drywall, and am in the process of finishing it up. Here is a short video I took showing the progress.

January 17th, 2008
If I have time, tonight I will do a little more sanding. I only have a couple small spots to finish then the drywall will be ready to prime and paint. Samantha wants antique white for the color of the walls. Before I prime, I will need to run a damp towel over the walls to clean the gypsum dust off. My goal is to have the new drywall primed and painted before the end of this weekend.

January 18th, 2008
Last night I finished up sanding and had just a couple of small area in which I had to remud and sand today. The room is cleared out, and I wiped down the walls and just finished applying two coats of primer. Next is a trip to Home Depot for paint. We’re leaning towards antique white for the color. It’s really starting to come together down there.

Here are some pictures of the progress to date:

January 20th, 2008
Yesterday I went to Home Depot, picked up a couple gallons of Antique White paint, as well as some ceiling paint, door hardware and a few other things. I didn’t get to any painting but I got the door hung for the utility closet.(Where the sump pump is) I also put on the knob. I still need to finish fastening the jamb in place for permanent hanging.

We’ve decided to paint the outside of the stairs antique white, to match the wall behind it and trim it with wood stained baseboard trim. I’ll likely purchase a banister and stain it to match the trim. This will all be done in the future.

January 21, 2008
Last night the boys and I painted. We put on a fresh coat of Antique White all down the stairs and all newly finished drywall. It looks nice! I also finished hanging the door for the sump pump closet.

Today I didn’t have too much time, but I did manage to go back to Home Depot, purchased a new door for the storage room, another gallon of paint for the second coat and I looked at the wooden banisters. I now know what I’m getting, I just need to determine which size to buy. After I got home, I realized the rough-in for the door for the storage room was about an inch too low. I had to cut the jamb, and the door down one inch. I then hung the door.

I’m scheduled a lot of hours this week, so I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to get done. After my next coat of paint, I’ll be ready to start on the ceiling. I need to draw out my grid on graph paper and compile a materials list for the ceiling stuff.

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