Camping at Robin Hood Woods

This last weekend, we packed up and headed to Robin Hood Woods Resort in Shelbyville, Illinois. We left Friday afternoon, and decided it would be best to board the dogs since it was such a far drive.

We met Samantha’s Aunt Nettie and Uncle Mike out there, and Bernie and Teri went out as well. Aunt Nettie and Mike live in Iowa, so Robin Hood Woods was about the halfway mark.

Bernie and Teri got a late jump, as they experienced problems with their camper brakes. They ended up getting out there in the early hours of Saturday morning. We managed to figure out the problem with the brakes Saturday morning. Later Saturday it rained, and was a relief because the weather was HOT AND HUMID! Saturday night they played Happily Never After for the kids. We ate popcorn and snacks and the kids had fin.

Sunday we had a great time, we loaded up and went to see the Shelbyville Lake dam. We took pictures, and there was a butterfly house we walked through. I think everyone enjoyed it. We then went to a local winery and did some tasting, and everyone bought some wine. Samantha and I went on a trip to a local Deals store, and picked up some ribbons and treats for the boys. When we got back to camp, we had an awards ceremony. Brandon thought it was boring, but think they all really enjoyed it.
awards ceremony 1awards ceremony 2
Samantha decided to rent a golf cart at the campground. She said it was so we wouldn’t have to walk everywhere, but watch the video and you can tell why she really wanted to rent it!

On our way home, we stopped in Indianapolis to visit with Mariah and Tom. We got back last night and we were all completely exhausted.

Here are some more pictures of the trip…
robinhood 1butterfly1campsite1campsite1campsite2uncle_mike

Here is a video of Andrew swimming in the pool. It took him a while to get the courage, but finally did it and he was great!

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