Disposable Artificial Christmas Trees

christmas tree picture
I remember growing up, we had the same artificial Christmas tree year after year. That is the only tree I remember ever having, with the exception of one year we bought a real one. Looking back, I can imagine some business people sitting around trying to figure out a way to make people buy artificial trees more frequently. I believe they found a way to do it. They put lights on them. Sure, they look nice. But I really don’t think it’s worth it. What happens when the lights start to burn out? If one goes out, do they all go out? Are we supposed to throw the trees away and buy a new one? I think that’s their intention.

This last weekend we erected the family Christmas tree. I bought our artificial tree three years ago at a Meijer Store, it was on clearance. It’s a 7 ½ foot Wisconsin Spruce, made my Mountain King Christmas Trees, and I bought it for somewhere around $80. It has no lights on it. I had a hard time finding a tree that looked good and didn’t have lights on it. Three years later, I am still quite pleased with the tree I purchased.

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