Do you pre-tip?

ryans steakhouse logo

I went with my wife to a Ryan’s Steakhouse all you can eat buffet tonight with my youngest two sons. We had been out Christmas shopping and got a bit hungry. If you’re not familiar with Ryan’s, it’s one of those outfits where you pay first, then you take your seat. After you get to where you’re sitting, you get up and get your food.

I posted previously about the legitimacy of leaving a tip to begin with at these outfits but decided I had to take it a bit further when the hostess/chashier asked me if I wanted to put the tip on my credit card with my meal.

I was baffled. Why on Earth would I tip before I knew what the service would be like? Has society evolved that much where we are no longer expected to tip based on service? If that’s the case, why even tip? Maybe they should just raise the price of the meal! What do you think?

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