While doing some remodeling of my blog, one of the things I wanted to do was put avatars in the comments by using the Gravitar plugin. The way it works is, you simply sign up by giving up yor email and a password, then you will be able to have an avatar to display in other blogs that have this plugin.

I went to sign up for this, but after hitting submit, the page simply reloaded. I tried this several different times, then I even went with a different email that is on a different pop server.

After failing all attempts, I went to the forums. I thought there was hope. Many others were having this same problem, and the administrator was manually activating everyone. I was disheartened to see that there hasn’t been an administrator reply to any requests in a LONG TIME!

Just a few minutes ago, I sent the admin an email, and I hope I get it worked out soon!

Here what I really have a problem with. This is an excellent idea and all, and seems to be promoted pretty well throughout the blogosphere. The big problem is that someone is asleep at the wheel! If you don’t want to mess with it anymore, I’m sure someone would buy the site!

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