Holiday Eating- Get back to normal

For the last three weeks, I have been eating like someone who doesn’t care about being fat.

I guess I’m not fat anymore, I’ve been lingering around the 175 pound mark for a while now. The last three days have been “the days” I was supposed to get back on the straight and narrow.

I guess yesterday being Christmas was not the day for it, even though I could have easily made it “that day”.

I worked 3rd shift Saturday night, and did not binge on any of the wrong foods. In fact, I didn’t eat at all while I was at work.

When I got home from work in the morning, I did some last minute gift wrapping and put on a pot of coffee. After a couple of cups of java, we tackled the mountain of gifts that were placed under and around the Christmas tree.

I got caught up in the moment, putting batteries in toys and playing with y new iPod. The time quickly came to visit my in-laws. They only live a coupe of miles up the street and we arrived promptly.

I was only able to spent about 30 minutes there, and found myself rushing out because I had to work a double shift. I was late getting out of there because I had to load up Christmas gifts in my wife’s vehicle.

When I left, I was hungry. I was determined not to eat the wrong things, especially after that cookie I ate that Michelle (wife’s friend) had to bring over yesterday.

I decided to run home and grab a bite to eat to go. I picked up a couple of pieces f white bread and made a turkey sandwich, but also grabbed a box a wheat crackers. I grabbed a diet sprite also and scarfed it down in the way in to work. After I got to work, aside from the nuts I snacked on throughout the day I didn’t do bad at all.

My plan is to get back on the treadmill today, and stick to chicken and green vegetables until I feel my body is finished with detox.

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