Jean Schmidt Wins Grassroots Ohio Backing

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I’ve read a lot of blogs today regarding this story, and I must say – “Big Deal”. Don’t get me wrong, I agree with the comments she made to/about Mr. Murtha, but just because two organizations that had already suppoerted her are supporting her again. I don’t think this is really news worthy.

Maybe there is another story developing here. What if Jean Schmidt is becoming the pivot point for polititians and the Iraq war?

Here is the story.

Jean Schmidt Wins Grassroots Ohio Backing
Mount Vernon, Ohio – The Ohio Taxpayers Association PAC and the Ohio Small Business PAC, two Ohio federal political action committees, today announced that they have endorsed the re-election campaign of Congresswoman Jean Schmidt of the 2nd District of Ohio. Both groups previously endorsed Schmidt during her hard fought special primary and special general election in the Spring and Summer of 2005.

“Over the short time Jean has been in Congress, she has worked hard and voted to cut taxes, and limit “pork barrel” spending,” said Scott A. Pullins, director of the two groups. “We never doubted that Congresswoman Schmidt would be a true friend of taxpayers and small businesses in Washington, DC.”

The Ohio Taxpayers Association PAC is the federal political action committee of the Ohio Taxpayers Association, a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that works to limit Ohio taxes and government spending. The Ohio Small Business PAC is a federal political action committee that works to elect pro-small business candidates.

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