New Year’s Party

I went to a New Years Eve arty last night at my Brother’s house. I have several things to report on.

First of all, from diet front, I did awful. I started off binging on crackers and cheese, then moved on to chili dip and mozzerella sticks then pumpking pie. I chalked the blown diet on the party and decided to move on.

I spent a lot of the night in front of my computer. My younger brother brought his laptop and as he was having issues getting on the wireless network, I was doing some site development of my new NCAA blog.

AsI was doing this, I took my eye off my youngest son and he fell down the basement steps. It was awful. He now has a gash and two large knots on his forehead. After a few minutes of screaming and crying he was up and running again.

Later, we decided to play a game until it was time for the ball to drop. This brings me to the rant portion of this post.

I know Dick Clark has been the posterboy of New Year’s celebration for as long as anyone can remember. However, I think it is time for him to retire. Listening to him is like listening to Joe Nuxhall narrate a Cincinnati Reds baseball game. Boring.

What is with these media organizations hanging on to the old timers merely as tokens?

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