Oh, What a Night!

Something happened at work last night, and I thought I’d share.

For background, I work in the maintenance department at a company that prints high volume magazines and ads. We have a number of printing presses and bindery equipment.

Last night, we (the maintenance team) were in the office enjoyng some downtime when one of the helpers on one of the presses ran into the shop and announced that a man had been pulled into the press.

I immediately jumped from my chair and ran out to the pressrom floor. I was very uneasy about what I might be running into. These machines don’t let you go, they pull you through.

I was somewhat relieved to find a man screaming (and not dead). He had his arm pulled between two rollers, about 3 inches apart. He was in a great deal of pain, and in order to get him out we needed to remove one of the rollers.

Now wouldn’t it figure, we get to the job and don’t have the size wrench we need? I felt awful!

We scrambled and finally found the right wrench.

When we got the roller off, and pulled him from the machine, he was still hurting and I volunteered to drive him to the emergency room of the nearby hospital.

He ended up having crushed muscle and some bruising, etc but I told him he was damn lucky to be alive!

The reason he was not pulled completely through the machine was because they were preparing for the next job, and they were only “inching” the press and not continuously running it.

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