Online with T-Mobile

Well, it’s official. I signed up with T-Mobile for a new data plan using the Sony Ericsson Air Card.

I went to the local retail store this morning, and appreciated the excellent service. All of my questions were answered, and after about $300 I was out the door.

Once I got to my “remote office” I fired it up. Setup was pretty easy, just install the software and plug the card in. The only iffy part was I’m not sure about which profile to use. I can select the “T-Mobile” or “T-Mobile VPN”. I was only able to connect using VPN so I asume it’s the one I want. I’ll be severely pissed if I’m being billed .20 cents a minute for this.

As far as the connection, it’s a bit of culture shock getting used to the higher speed. I am learning that I cannot fire up 20+ webpages on my Firefox browser, I need to scale way back. The connection speed I believe is about as good as a faster dial up speed. Maybe 56k.

Anyway, I’m on it right now and it seems to work well.

This service is costing me about $30 a month and will probably hang with it for a while.

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