Paul Hackett Gets My “No Vote”

Paul HAckett Picture
Tonight I was watching Hardball with Chris Mathews. He began talking about Congresswoman Jean Schmidt and how the big ruckus began last week on the House Floor. Chris Matthews introduced his guest, Paul Hackett, as the man that ran against Jean Schmidt and lost. He also went on to describe how he is an Iraq War veteran and he will be running for the US Senate. He also called President Bush a “Chicken Hawk” while on active duty. I found it interesting the he mentioned calling the President names, because the main topic of conversation centered on name calling in politics and how it was inappropriate. I don’t see much difference between Rep. Schmidt calling another Congressman a coward, and a wanna be senator calling the President a “Chicken Hawk”.

He shot off on a tangent about George Bush running around snorting cocaine instead of fighting the Vietnam War. Finally, Chris Mathews had to call him on it. He cornered him about making baseless accusations about President Bush using cocaine, and basically said that because some people mentioned it, then it must be true.(His actual words were “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire”) After taking a bit of a beating, he finally confessed that it was a point well taken.

If this guy couldn’t get elected to the congress, what makes him think he is qualified to run for senate?

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