Product Review – Blue Titanium Ring b2

Titanium ring #3
The third of ten in the Titanium Ring Review Series is the Blue Titanium Ring b2.

My first impression of this ring was the the way the blue band stands out. In my opinion, this gives the ring a sophisticated look. Classy even.

There are three finish options available for both the inside fo the ring, and the outside. They are satin, matte and polished.

Ring sizes available for this style range from 3.25 all the up to 14. A ring sizer can be sent out to you if you aren’t sure what you need.

The width of the band is selectable, and you can choose from 5 to 10mm.

Engraving options are available as well.

This ring is offered for sale on the Titanium Rings Studio site for $119. According the the website, this is normally listed for $249.

Learn more about titanium rings here.

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