Software Review – AudioCommander

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Today I’ll be reviewing the Mystik Media program AudioCommander.

After I installed the free trial version of this program, I launched it and noticed the simplistic design of the program. This was not surprising, because this is not the first Mystic Media program I had done a review on. audio commander screenshot

One thing I have learned is that I shouldn’t judge a program’s ability by it’s simplicity.

The main functin of this program seems to be to convert from one audio file format to another. There were so many different file formats, I had never even heard of most of them. This program seems to be written for the professional, but is simple enough for the every day Joe to use.

Here is part of the description according to their website:

AudioCommander is a fast and highly configurable command-line and interface converter, encoder, and decoder for nearly all conceivable audio formats. Settings are provided for bitrate, frequency, channels, and more.

Another thing I noticed about this program was that you can change the compression settings of a file.

I gave it a good test by selecting a song in my music library. I picked Hey Mickey by Toni Basil. It was an mp3 file and I selected it to be converted to a wma file. The function was complete in about ten seconds.

Like any other software that offers a free trial, I would recommend you try it before you buy it. For the full blown version you are looking at $64.95

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