Software Review – Auto Imager

autoimager 2 photo
Today I took a look at Mystik Media’s AutoImager. This program appears to be designed to keep things simple for the user, but provide a lot of options.
auto imager image 1
There isn’t a lot of toolbars to fool around with or menus to search. Everything seems to be right there.

You select filters simply by checking a box.

Something nice about this program is that there is a preview pane so you can see what the image will look like as you’re doing your work.

I went on to see about file conversion. There are over 35 different file types you can convert to/from. I thought this was a bit impressive. I could see whee this program would be very useful for someone who deals with a lot of different images.

This program can be tested, like I did, with a 15 day trial. If you decide to buy it, it’ll cost you $60.

You can find out more about AutoImage, see more screenshots, as well as download the software here

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