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When I agreed to do this product review, I was assuming that this program was similar to my standard media player type software that I use to listen to music and burn CD’s. After I installed Blaze Media Pro, I realized I had jumped off into the deep end.

Blaze Media Pro allows you to maintain playlists, burn cd’s & dvd’s and all that good stuff.

The parts that impressed me were the extra things like “lyrics search”. Search by artist or song title. I entered the name of a song who’s lyrics I wanted and within two seconds the lyrics were there in front of me.
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You can easily convert audio file types to .mp3, .wav, .wma and .ogg type files.

Editing audio files seems quite simple also. The amount of controls that were in front of me at the audio editing screen made me feel like I was in a recording studio of some sort.

Something else that puts this software in a class above the others is the video portion of it.

I easily converted a video file from .wmv to .avi. I can also convert video files to .mpeg.

I went ahead to the video editing portion and was stunned with what you can do with a video. I made a simple video of the Christmas lights display throw lightning bolts across the screen.

I downloaded the 15 day trial version, but the licensed version will cost you $50.00.

My overall take on this program was that if you like editing audio and video files, this is an awesome program to use. However, for someone like me who only listens to music and burns the occasional cd, it might be a bit much.

If you are in the market for a program of this sort, I would recommend downloading the trial version and deciding for yourself.

Screenshots available here.

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