The Great Flood of 2006

maytag washer
I want to thank all those who commented on my ongoing crisis. You’re concern is what keeps me blogging!

The water damage has turned out to be minimal. There is an area in my office about 12 square feet that required me to pull up carpet and apply the fans to it. There was not a significant amount of damage in other areas of my basement, other than a big mess to clean up. I have also found and corrected the problem that led to one of the greatest unnatural disasters in this household’s history.

The problem that started the great flood of 2006 was the drain hose that connects the bottom of the drum to the discharge pump had come off at the tub. This is connected using a simple compression type hose clamp. I reattatched the hose and clamp and gave it a good test. Everything is working as it should.

While I am sure this will hold, I plan to take further corrective action by replacing these compression type hose clamp with the older style screw type.

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