The Turtle Tank

red eared slider picture

Back in August, my wife managed to get ahold of a couple of baby red ear slidered slider turtles, and suddenly we had pets. Since we’ve had them a few months now, I thought it would be good to talk about some of the equipment we use, and how things are holding up.
We originally went with buying all the components of the tank a tank seperately, instead of buying a combo kit. basking dock pictureWe also went out and purchased a basking lamp at Walmart.

The tank was perfect. It is a 20 gallon capacity and the size was perfect.It doesn’t have a cover but it seems to work out pretty good that way.

I like the heater we bought. It is made by a company called Marineland. The model name is the Visi-Therm Deluxe and is 50 Watts. The thermostat is also adjustable.

The basking lamp that we bought was from Walmart. It was not intended for use as a basking lamp, instead it is just an ordinary clip lamp but works fine. The first bulb we bought lasted maybe a week. We took it back and exchanged it for a new one. The bulb was made by Zoo Med and is simply called the Reptile Basking Spot Lamp, and it’s a 50 watt bulb and supposed to last 2000 hours.

The filter that we originally purchased was also made by Zoo Med. This is the Turtle Clean Filter 318 model, and simply doesn’t do the job. As you might know, turtles are filthy animals, and you need a very good filtration system, otherwise you will be constantly changing tank water. Last night, my wife bought back-up. She bought a Whisper in-tank filter 40i. The company name is Tetra. She bought it at Petsmart and paid $26 for it. It really seems to be a good filter so far!

Another item we picked up for them is a Basking Dock. This is so they can climb up on a ramp and bask in the heat from the lamp. This seems to work out pretty good, but after a couple of months, there is green algae growing on it. I guess that’s ok, kinda adds a little flavor to the tank.

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