Tire Discounters


I’ve dealt with Tire Discounters before when buying new tires, but the last time I called and talked to Joe. He gave me a good deal on some tires for Samantha’s van. Normally when I go to a place like that I always leave feeling like I just got screwed over. Not in this case. That was last year.

This weekend, I attempted to replace my brake pads due to some light squealing I’ve been hearing lately. I’ve had the pads for a few weeks and finally had time this weekend to do it. I got my wheel off and began getting frustrated with my inability to break two of the bolts free that had to come off. The temperature outside felt like 200 degrees and finally I gave up and put it back together.

I called Tire Discounters, because I bought a set of tires there last year and figured I was due for a rotation anyway. He told me if I use my own parts it would be $90 including turning the rotors if needed. After I hung up I could already hear him telling me I would need new rotors and get taken for $300 dollars.

After I went in and they went through my brakes they told me that there was nothing wrong with my pads and that “if we changed them it would be a waste of money, and that’s not what we do here”. The squeak was from some rust on my rotors and was OK. He gave me a quote for some new rotors.

They rotated the tires and I left, without spending anything. Two thumbs up for the Tire Discounters on Princeton Road in Fairfield Township.

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