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Today I’m going to review the website called Since this website is really a blog, I will go at this review in two separate areas. I’ll look at the layout/design, then I’ll add remarks on the content.

This blog is set up in WordPress, and uses the default theme. It is my opinion that this is a bit generic and the site my be more appealing if there was a bit more style and perhaps some pictures.

Another problem I have with this site is that I really had trouble figuring out what this site is actually about!

I have to believe that this site is ultimately geared towards financial issues. One of the giveaways is the fact that there is an area in the sidebar that allows you to do a symbols lookup, or search by company. I entered one of my stock picks and I was able to view stock charts and other information about that company.

The content of this blog is very wide ranging. Perhaps this is what made it hard for me to understand the true focus of this site. Each category contains related articles, and the few that I did read, I found interesting.

Overall, this site contains a wealth of financial information and I feel would be a lot better if some work was done on making the site more appealing.

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