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Toda I’ll take a look at a website that alows you to play free games online. It’s called

There are eight different game categories that you can choose from, and there are a LOT of games!

When I first came to the site, I was drawn to Super Mario 2. I decided to give it a try and relive my old Nintendo days. I liked the fact that I didn’t have to download anything. The quality of the game isn’t near what you can get from an expensive game console, but it was free and enjoyable.

Next I played Memory. There wasn’t really much to say about it, other than it plays like any other online memory game.

I am overall pleased with this website. I normally don’t play games, but I will bookmark this site anyway. This, for me, is perfect for when we have company and some kids want to play on the computer. This will allow them to play games and I don’t have to worry about them downloading a bunch of garbage to my computer.

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