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The next website review I’llbe doing is that of For this particular website, I will first review to design and layout, then I will discuss the content.

Layout and Design – First impressions go a long way with me. This site impressed me. With the flash animation in the header, the sleek design of the main page I knew right away that this site was not just thrown together on a whim.

I was put to a strong challenge by reviewing this site. This site offers many different accounting/bookkeeping software packages and services, and I have no experience in this field. It took me a while to read and learn about the focus of this site.

Content – There is a lot of information packed into this website. The amount of different software packages they offer seems to be quite a bit. Here are some of the different areas of the site I explored.

The Sage Software overview page decribes the various Sage Software options available and include Sage Line 50, ACT and Sage Personnel to name a few.

I went on to check out the Bookkeeping tab and learned that Ledger servies not only provides accounting software, but they also have a staff that provides book keeping services.

I could probably on on for hours describing all the different services and software packages they provide, but I will just recommend checking the site out for yourself. If you are in the accounting industry, this is a site you should surely visit.

Click here to learn more about Ledger Services.

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