What’s The Point Of Punctuation Spam?

Maybe you’ve seen it, maybe the spammers slipped one in on you. It’s the blog comment spam that doesn’t appear to have any links in it until you realize that the punctuation at the end of a sentence is linked.

Would someone really benefit from dominating the keyword, or keyperiod or keyquestion mark?

When someone does a Google Search for Bradsblog, I’m number one. Lucky me there’s not a lot of Brads Blogs out there)

It works out because I have many links out there with “Bradsblog” as the anchor text.

When I do a Google search for a single punctuation mark, the search does not execute. I tried Yahoo and MSN search as well, with the same result.

What is the goal of punctuation spam? Are they really trying to gain strength in SEO or are they actually thinking someone will hover and click on the period?

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